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Feedback on Past workshops

Probability and Statistics with R

  • "The workshop provided motivation, freedom and knowledge about use of computer software in study. Thus, paving way to self dependent way of learning and correcting ourselves in finding mean, median, indifference maps, regression coefficients, etc. when we are stuck. Overall a very enjoyable, interactive and knowledge enhancing session :)"

  • "Better and Long lasting understanding of probability and the most important concepts like CLT and Weak Law of large numbers which we used earlier without realizing its actual working behind it."

  • "It kept along with everybody's learning pace and hence nobody felt lost even for a short duration. Easily comprehensible and structured way of teaching by Amit Goyal Sir."

  • "The overall lecture was progressive, began from the very basic to a good level of coding. The hashes used for subtopics made the lecture more meaningful as in the program itself, we could note the required features of R. We were also made to see the graphs of the different features of probability and statistics which were really meaningful and gave us an idea to use those tools to see what's going inside the statistical activities, this was the best part of the workshop. I think this was the part where you can spend more time, it's interesting and really meaningful."

  • "I was just a beginner. So I learn lots of things from this workshop. This is a very useful workshop for me. Some time to observe the thing in the probability is very difficult, but by using R its very easy to understand the concept. And we can see the things other than concept which are not generally given in the text books."

Economics with MS-Excel

  • "The very idea that excel could be applied to huge array of economic applications and many interesting things. The content was superb."

  • "This was a totally new experience. So learning something new is always good. Course content was nice as we were learning to use the concepts we have already studied in excel."

  • "The program addressed ways of solving economic problems in a very interesting and user friendly manner. MS Excel is freely available and accessible."

Dynamic programming with Octave

  • "Octave was a new thing for me. Completely new. Even the coding part. So, i enjoyed it. Got to learn something new."

  • "I really enjoyed the whole program. It was really interesting. Both the instructors are good. Amit goyal sir thank you so much for this workshop. I would like to attend more workshop like this ."

Probability and Statistics with Python

  • "Course content was well organized starting, from the basics to advanced computations."

  • "Overall the program was very informative. "