Preparatory Program

Preparatory Program for MA/PhD Econ

The primary aim of this program is to assist students in developing an understanding of economic models through effective problem-solving techniques. Additionally, it is designed to prepare students for entrance examinations for MA/PhD programs in Economics at esteemed institutions such as ISI, IGIDR, IITs, DSE, JNU, etc., scheduled for the year 2025 or later. The comprehensive syllabus encompasses relevant topics in Microeconomics, Mathematics, Probability, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, and Statistics (refer to the poster for detailed information). Guiding participants through this learning journey is Instructor Amit Goyal, and the mode of instruction is online, with English as the language of communication. The program, spanning from June 2024 to January 2025, will be conducted on weekends at flexible hours, enabling participation from anywhere globally. The program fee, set at INR 70,000/-, is inclusive of all applicable taxes. Fee is payable in two equal installments of INR 35,000/- each. Participants can expect over 100 hours of live lectures, and the program includes a Test series component. This program not only serves as excellent preparation for master's studies but has proven to be highly beneficial to students throughout their master's and PhD studies. While it is particularly recommended for those aspiring to pursue master's or PhD studies in economics, students currently enrolled in any economics master's or PhD program are also welcome to join and reap the benefits. To read the Program Reviews, please visit: Reviews .

To apply for the Preparatory Program for MA/PhD (Econ), please fill up the application form below. Program has started from the first week of June, 2024.

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