MA Econ 2022

For students preparing to sit for MA Economics 2022 entrance examinations to ISI, DSE, IGIDR, JNU, Ashoka etc. , we are offering an online program and a test series program. An overview of these programs is given below. Registration for the online program is closed. You can sign up for the test series program here.

Online program

  • Runs for 7-8 months from August to March

  • Around 75 LIVE online lectures of 1 hour each held on weekends or holidays

  • Regular doubt sessions to discuss past years, quizzes, tests

  • Everything in the test series program is included

  • Fees: Rs. 65000

Test series

  • 4 ISI and 4 DSE Mock exams

  • 25 topic wise quizzes

  • Discussion forum for clearing doubts

  • Fees: Rs. 10000

  • Sign up