Econschool Entrance Exam

Syllabus for the Econschool Entrance Exam (EEE) for selection to our preparatory programs for MA/PhD in Economics 2023:

High school Mathematics & Statistics

Students are expected to know the following topics taught at the level of high school.

– Elementary Statistics

– Elementary probability theory

– Elementary Logic, Sets, Relations and Functions – Limits, Continuity, Differentiation of functions

– Application of Derivatives, Optimization

– Integrals, Application of Integrals

– Basic Quantitative Aptitude

Consumer Theory

Students are also expected to know this topic from Microeconomics - Consumer Theory. To prepare for this topic, you can do the following course:

– Course Link:

– Youtube Videos:

For sample questions and additional resources to prepare for EEE, please visit:

Exam will be conducted sometime in August 2022 in Delhi.

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